tawara restaurant


Spanning from Kanazawa, France, 
Kyoto to Kanazawa
Learning pleasure of cuisine 
in my local Kanazawa
Feeling regional food culture 
and interaction with producers 
in foreign lands
Inspired seasonal variation, town, 
village and mountain 
by life of Kyoto
Sense at various locales, 
common belonging anywhere, 
and then increasing desire
Dishware wholeheartedly 
made by local artists, 
plates with good old days 
through time
Evoke present, 
savoring colored 
seasonal ingredients
Flavors going well with the tone 
and harmonized wines
Gentle cuisine
Pleasant space
Located a bit far from bustle
Hope you will have precious time …

Tetsuya Tawara

About us

Address Royal Plaza Katamachi 1F
2-10-19 Katamachi Kanazawa Ishikawa
920 0981
Tel 050 3138 5570

*We may not answer the phones during opening hours. Please call other time or send email.

Email info@tawara-kanazawa.jp
Opening hours Lunch : 12:00-15:00
Dinner: 18:00-22:00
Reservation Lunch and Dinner are reservation only. Please make a reservation in advance by previous day.
We have only course menu. Please inform us any allergy or dislike foods if you have.
We take reservations over 10 years old customers.
Close Every Sunday
Lunch on Thursday, Saturday, holiday
Parking Non

*There are some coin parkings nearby



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